Our Services

FuseChange is a 501(c)3 revenue generating nonprofit.

Revenue generated from our services go into FuseChange programs and operation, as well as, hiring inspiring developers around the world. CONTACT US We design, build, and integrate digital solutions that change the world.



Interactive Design &

We turn your visionary concepts and big ideas into
Interactive Designs (IxD). Our team builds outstanding
User Experiences (UX) and User Interfaces (UI).
We follow your requirements or help create the
requirements you need to complete your project.
The results are elegant designs and clickable prototypes
for testing and investor ready presentations.


Websites and

Every business can use a modern refresh
or an alternate approach for their digital marketing
strategies. We've created hundreds of websites
and branding for a range of companies around the world.
We'll get you set up quickly and design a custom brand
or fresh modern website to drive in new prospects.




Digital Solutions

We have a team of product development and design
experts that will efficiently launch your product.
We ensure you have all the necessary designs and
requirements documented to get your solution up and running.
We can build your application with our development team or
work directly with your development team and manage
the product development process for you.



Cloud Solutions & Integrations

Cloud and AI based technologies can help create innovative and comprehensive solutions to local or planet scale issues, from food shortages, water challenges, climate change to homelessness. You can also utilize them to extend your reach by connecting your fundraising efforts with powerful tools to drive and engage motivated donors and partnerships. Services include Constituent Relationship Management with Salesforce and SalsaLabs, IT migration to AWS, Azure and GCP and AI based automation of engagement and fundraising.