Fuse Change Limited is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization
EIN: 82-3981138


FuseChange designs and develops innovative digital solutions for social change.

Our mission is to accelerate social and environmental change, by seamlessly connecting initiatives around shared purpose. The goal, is to collaborate, coordinate and collectively tackle the greatest challenges impacting local communities.

We think of this as: Building Collaborative Systems to Accelerate Change™

Our Philosophy

We are about doing good, being kind, and helping you create solutions to challenging problems. As an open source solution we want to re-imagine how nonprofits operate creating a sustainable and transparent business model.

Our Goals

Working to help the global community tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at a faster rate.

  • Map out social and environmental projects everywhere, so we know who is doing what, when, where, why, and how.
  • Link projects together making it easier to connect and collaborate.
  • Link projects together into Project Ecosystems enabling the coordination and collaboration of complex social and environmental challenges.
  • Link projects to the resources they need quickly, to save staff time and invest more of that time into the solutions.


  • Mutual Respect: Everyone is treated with the same dignity and respect no matter who you are or where you originate.
  • Transparency: Being open, honest, and holding ourselves to the upmost integrity.
  • Authentic: It’s who we are and what we represent.
  • Diversity: Striving for diversity within all aspects of our business, while embracing and appreciating different perspectives.
  • Collaboration: At our core, FuseChange has been deeply rooted around collaboration and collective impact. It’s what will solve complex challenges in our communities.
  • Sustainability: We are fully committed to creating a sustainable planet and economy for future generations.

How We Operate

We invest in people, by paying market-rate wages, as well as, providing growth through learning and education. Our goal is meaningful social impact that comes through reinvesting into innovation and hiring a team of diverse, dedicated people that want to do good in the world.

Our Work

United States

HQ Office – Portland, Oregon


Office – Kigali, Rwanda


Office – Kolkata, India


Board President - FuseChange International

Sean Kvingedal

I transform complex processes and ideas into over the top product solutions. My other half develops collaborative systems to help people and the environment for that last 20 years. It’s always been my goal to fully merge social good with business and do so collaboratively.

Professionally, I enjoy working in startups because it involves running on ambiguity and uncertainty. It provide me with a sense of enjoyable chaos. So my career spans across a wide range of activities that include business strategy, sales, marketing, product development and user experience design.

I have founded a SaaS social enterprise and launched a range of projects that brought diverse groups of people together solve problems. I also enjoy finding people with leadership skills and coaching them to use their talents to inspire others and do good in the world.

What makes me who I am…. I embrace diversity, like to be good and kind (to the best of my ability). It’s my mission to help people and the environment in someway.

What are your passions to help change the world?

I want to help as many people as I can utilizing technologies as an approach to increase change output. I also want to create an organization that will define what it means to be a company of people that hold strong values to be good, kind and embrace the diversity of others.

Technology - FuseChange International

Danny Tekumalla

Danny has over 22 years of experience in IT across multiple domains including fintech, healthcare, and nonprofit. He is driven by new and interesting ways of leveraging technology for public good. A career as a senior technology executive in financial services, he plays an active role as a social entrepreneur at FuseChange. His skills include technology strategy, business alignment, solution delivery, and operations management. Danny’s curriculum vitae runs the gamut of technology including Salesforce, Cloud computing, Data architecture and Conversational AI.

Danny still finds time to code things as diverse as the Raspberry Pi and the Google Cloud Platform. An advocate of Richard Stallman and all things open source, he believes in the potential of open source as a driver for positive earth scale change.

Originally from India, Danny has lived in the Boston area for over 20 years. In his spare time he travels, cooks, obsessively cleans and has weathered life during the pandemic by trying to improve his first person shooter gaming skills.

Design - FuseChange International

Kashyap Basu

Kashyap had design as a part of his soul since an early age and he cherishes expressing visions through unique creations. He is trained in ceramic sciences and visual arts at the top Design School in India (GCAC). Kashyap and his team of leading UX/UI designers have produced hundreds of brand designs and thousands of websites. His designs and products can be seen in over 20 countries since 2004.

Board Member - FuseChange International

Regina Ingabire

Regina is a FuseChange Board of Director an expert in community partnerships, public health, diversity, inclusion and equity. Regina originally from Rwanda has always been deeply involved in strengthening her local community anywhere she resides. She is the co-founder of Never Again International that started to educate and empower youth in her home country of Rwanda. Regina has also produce a wide range of conferences and local event that bring a diverse range of community expertise together to collaborate on social issues.

Regina has worked with a variety of in international development organizations including; The World Bank, Clinton Global Health Initiative and currently works for the City of Portland.


Hester Darcy

Hester Darcy

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Ngozika Onyekwelu

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Neil Banman

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