We are Relentless

As a 501c3 nonprofit Creative Agency, we provide professional services to all purpose-driven companies. Our purpose is to invest in open source collaborative technologies, tools, teams and strategies that put the power of collaboration into the people’s hands.

FuseChange.org was founded on personal experiences and reactions to life-changing events, including the Las Vegas mass shooting, the rapid spread of tent camps across our cities, and the realization that climate change will impact all social issues.

We design solutions to
accelerate Social Change.

Our Values

Founded on principles and values, we see past the impossible, empowering communities to collaborate and work collectively.

Be Kind
& Do Good

We want to work with good people and foster communities that are kind and genuine.



The world is made up of all different types of people and with their own unique perspectives. We embrace the diversity and ingenuity of humans from all walks of life.

Believe in
the Impossible

The challenges in the world are so immense and difficult, we must think big, and out-of-the box. We know it can be done.

We Are

Everything we do is centered around collaborating and collectively working together. It’s our belief that we can do far more together than we can alone.

Our People
Diverse humans with limitless empathy creating digital solutions for change; designers, developers, product experts, activists and strategists.

Neil Banman

United States

Dana Del Vecchio

United States

Ingrid Arreola

United States

Hester Darcy

Unitedlinke States

Gerard Mporananayo


Laura MacNeil

Canada / Grenada

Linda Gray

United States

Rob Anderson



Believe in the