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We are a mission-driven 501c3 nonprofit organization established to provide revenue generating services by designing and developing innovative digital solutions to the most challenging problems facing our local communities. These services provide employment, skills development, and help fund our philanthropic programs.

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Diversity, being good, being kind, collaboration, collective impact and systems chang



People and organizations will gather at local 1-3 day events to participate in Action Summits that are powered by our communities. Together, we will collaborate to identify root problems, understand local issues and develop on existing solutions.


Be empowered to ideate, innovate and disrupt the status quo by participating in creative design thinking sessions at Actions Summits and on the FuseChange Platform for Change. Share your project ideas and collaborate with others to develop your innovative ideas for change.

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We share our open source solutions globally to start leveraging collective wisdom from diverse perspectives. This helps foster conversation and sparks the end to some of our most challenging social and environmental issues.

FuseChange - a 501c3 Nonprofit Social Enterprise
Open Source, Fully Transparent

Our Services

We provide clients like you with design and development services from websites, mobile and desktop applications, and cloud solutions for any type of problem. That said, we have a special interest to focus on solutions that will solve social or environmental problems.

Interactive Design Prototypes

We are your external or in-house solutions team that can turn your concepts into interactive web and mobile prototypes. With a wide variety of uses here’s why we love building prototypes.

Website development & Branding

We create a wide range of unique websites that are either costume coded or built on WordPress, Square Space, Wix, and Weebly. We typically recommend WordPress.org as a solution for small to medium-sized businesses that want a great site to scale as you grow.

Web Mobile App Development

We bring it all together by having a team of Designers, Product Managers, and Developers ready to build your product-solution!

Cloud Services

FuseChange is a technology partner that is bringing the power of the Cloud to your fingertips. Our team will collaborate with your visionaries to define the technical path forward to reach your organizations programmatic goals and objectives. Modern cloud based technologies provide organizations with innovative and comprehensive solutions that improve operational efficiencies.