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Together We Collaborate Locally to Globally

FuseChange is a 501c3 - Nonprofit. We are a free world-wide platform that is bringing people and their communities together, to identify, understand and ideate innovative solutions. Together, we will meet locally at physical events and collaborate by sharing our Open Source Solutions into a global community of other innovators. 2020 as our pilot year to learn and build FuseChange with you!


Simple. It's the 21st Century. There are billions of brilliant interconnected people that can collectively solve anything!



People and organizations will gather at local 1-3 day events to participate in Action Summits that are powered by our communities. Together, we will collaborate to identify root problems, understand local issues and develop on existing solutions.


Be empowered to ideate, innovate and disrupt the status quo by participating in creative design thinking sessions at Actions Summits and on the FuseChange Platform for Change. Share your project ideas and collaborate with others to develop your innovative ideas for change.

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We share our open source solutions globally to start leveraging collective wisdom from diverse perspectives. This helps foster conversation and sparks the end to some of our most challenging social and environmental issues.



All people and organizations are welcome to join and contribute to solutions locally and globally. Everyone is equally respected no matter who you are, what religion, gender, ethnicity, IQ, upbringing or anything that separates you from others.

  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • University / Institute
  • Citizens
  • Volunteers
  • Donors
  • Experts

FuseChange - a 501c3 Nonprofit Social Enterprise
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