for Social Change

We are Digital Strategists for Social Change representing a full suite of mobile and website development services. Revenue from the services fund our philanthropic programs focusing on open source solutions, pro-bono social good grants, and free collaboration.

FuseChange is a mission-driven 501c3 nonprofit organization with a purpose to accelerate social and environmental change, by creating open source collaboration solutions for projects that impact our communities.


FuseChange works with business, social enterprise, nonprofits, and government organizations. Although, we have a special focus on social change, our services are for everyone. Every client receives a team of digital design and development strategists that craft your unique brand and website. In addition, we engineer mobile and desktop applications for B2B and B2C users.

We Believe

in diversity, being good, being kind, collaboration, collective impact and systems change.

Our Programs

As a nonprofit organization, FuseChange provides a range of programs that help fulfill our mission. Programs focus on open source technology for social change and supporting social entrepreneurs with pro-bono digital marketing services. In addition, it’s our intent to provide open source collaboration tools that make a collective impact a simple and seamless system.

User Experience
& Interface Design

Turn your digital ideas and concepts into interactive designs and prototype a journey for your users. A great way to demonstrate how your product functions and validate with your audience.

Cloud & Data Services

A technology partner bringing modern cloud based and data technologies to organizations. We provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that improve operations, data compliance, and analysis.

Websites & Branding

Our team works works with entrepreneurs like around the world helping create company’s digital presence. Services go beyond just building a website, we dive into your business objectives creating logos, branding, marketing materials, and well designed websites.

Web & Mobile Applications

Get a team of designers, product managers, and developers ready to build your digital initiatives. FuseChange will turn vision and requirements into a digital product.

Open Source Solutions

We work with clients and build our own open source solutions that can be used inside the nonprofit sectors to solve either operational inefficiencies or solutions for the field

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Open Source Platform for Change

A 20 year goal to build a free platform that maps out all of the philanthropic initiatives, connects those that are similar to collaborate, and automatically links resources they need to solve their community project.

Aspiring Social Entreprenuers

We meet amazing entrepreneurs around the world. Literally amazing! We find the most driven and passionate people and help them create a professional digital image that get the attention of advisors, investors, incubators, and other programs, while providing startup guidance.

Lets create powerful digital solutions that make a positive impact around the world, with modesty and an intent to help those that need it most.