We provide Pro-Bono Services in form of Social Good grants. Applicants can apply for a grant and in return get free pro-bono digital marketing services such as custom branding, websites, and digital marketing advisory services.

Program Overview

We have been there before. It’s that time in your venture where you have a great social impact project or idea. The challenge is how do I present my vision to investors, partners, and donors. You want to grab their attention with a crisp look and feel to reinforce your social change objectives. 

FuseChange provides Pro-Bono Services in form of Social Good grants. Through the lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility, our team identifies emerging social entrepreneurs from around the world. We seek out persons with a special gift of relentless kindness and determination. You have demonstrated this drive and you are a catalyst for change in your community.


Focus Areas

FuseChange focuses our pro-bono service grants by acting as your digital consultant partner. We evaluate your organizational and project objectives to formulate unique branding strategies specific to your mission.

  • Branding
  • Marketing Websites
  • Leadership Development
  • Presentation skills
  • Product Management Consulting
  • Startup Advisory Services


We seek out grantees that are humans with a project attached to an official nonprofit organization. Grantees demonstrate a relentless drive and determination to do good in this world.

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Logo &

Working with the grantee entrepreneur our team produces crisp designs for a professional brand. This includes digital and print logos, and marketing materials.


Next we create a new website as a base foundation to market their digital brand offerings. Grantees get a professional website, SEO ready, connected to social, and search services.


Our team helps the grantee set up their account with the branding assets required. Once set up we work the grantee on holistic digital marketing strategies.


FuseChange focuses on getting ideas off the ground and launched. Throughout the grantee journey with our team we advise on strategies and approaches to take get their project and organization launched into the market.

Pro-Bono Service Process

Apply for a Grant

The first step, review the selection criteria and determine if your project qualify for a grant. If you match our criteria, simply apply for a grant.

The Social Good Review

We take time getting to know prospective grantees. This process ensures we know the projects or organizations we select for the Pro-Bono Service grant are are going to community-based work, or a nonprofit venture. It's also very important that the grantee align with our core values.

Your Grant Service

After careful review the FuseChange team will inform our new grantees they have been expect to the program. At that point forward, FuseChange start to provide our Pro-Bono Services and introduce the grantees to others in our program.

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