Platform for Good

A open source collaboration platform that brings projects together to connect, coordinate, and tackle the most challenging social and environmental problems. We like to see this as a Collaborative System Change Platform.

Program Overview

For years we have wanted to create a collaboration platform that would enable persons working on projects to discover one another and collaborate. In theory, that more effectively we can connect projects based on shared purpose that more effective a collaborative endeavor will be. The possibility to do this across the all community-driven projects around the world could provide a huge impact.

Program Focus

  • Map out every social and environmental project around the world so we know:  Who is doing What, When, Where, Why, and How.
  • Link projects to similar solutions making it easier to open possibilities to understand and to collaborate with one another.
  • Link projects into Project Ecosystems, which enable coordination and collaboration across complex social and environmental challenges.
  • Link projects to:  Resources they need quickly to save time and invest more of that time into the solutions.

Save Time

Reduce the amount of time it takes to find out if your project can be implemented, and what resources will be required.


Save Funding

Create a larger impact with your donor and tax dollars by reducing project overlap, avoiding redundancy, and saving money seeking out resources.


Multiply Change

All of your time and money can be reinvested into solutions, ultimately creating better, more effective projects through collaboration.


Open Source

Everyone should be able to access the platform’s code base to build upon it. If you innovate something, contribute it back to the community so others can advance their social and environmental change initiatives too.


It’s time to decentralize the world and give it back to the people. We want to embark on a journey to continually advance decentralized systems.


We love blockchain technologies, and we know that it’s just beginning. There are many elements of this technology that are advancing fundamental systems change.