Open Source Solutions

We promote open source solutions for social change in an effort to connect like-minded persons together to collaborate and work collectively.

Program Overview

What if more solutions for social change were open source and we worked collectively to establish core systems of social change. While there are many great open source solutions in the world, we are looking for social entreprenuers that want to fundamentally change a social system. They believe that effective collaborate can help accomplish daunting and complex challenges.

Our goal is to help surface these social solutions, ideas, and concepts. As the solutions are discovered we help bring people together that share a similar purpose to collaborate and fuse social change.

Focus Areas

Our focus is on system change solutions that impact people and the environment. In terms of a global approach to identify these focuses we use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. No Poverty
  2. Climate Action
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Our Approach

Submit the solution you would like to have represented and seek collaboration. Your solutions should be connected to a nonprofit organization that is for public benefit.

After submitting your open source solution, the next step will be someone at FuseChange to review your concept. We spend time looking at people’s motives and drive behind what they are passionate about.

The selected solutions will o in our launch phase will be listed on FuseChange.