User Experience
& Interface Design

FuseChange Interactive Design and Prototypes

User Experience (UX)

FuseChange specializes in user experience and interface design. We design for business to consumer, business to business, and operational workflows, actively understanding your user, your products or tools. The result is a simplified experience that takes the user on a journey, while getting them to where they need to go quickly and intuitively.

The output is a set of designs that can be provided to developers for estimates of work, or used to demonstrate to a set of investors.


It’s much easier to pitch prospective Partners, Investors, and Customers with solutions they can see and interact with. A visual prototype is a great way to show off how your product works and solves a problem.

Solution Testing

The costs to develop are high, testing your solution with your audience ahead of time is critical. We make rapid iterations to conduct user testing sessions, get feedback, iterate, and test again.

An Experience

We’ll be honest, it’s pretty cool to visualize your idea as a user exprience made by design experts. It’s also a privilege for us to work with visionaries like you.


A must today is having a complete set of designs for your development team. We create spec designs that can be used by the Product Managers and Engineers to build your solution. We have you covered by working with your team to make updates and iterations.