Our Services

FuseChange is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We provide digital designs and develop solutions that change the world.  Revenue generated from our services go into FuseChange programs and operations, as well as, hiring inspiring developers around the world.


User Experience & Interface Design

Turn your visionary concepts and big ideas into
a user experience that take your users on a journey. We follow your vision to take your concepts and turn them into visual designs and a clickable prototype for stakeholders, investors, and donors. The results are elegant designs, which become blue prints for your development team or ours.



Websites and Branding

FuseChange provides a fresh and human centered design approach for websites and branding. Our teams have created hundreds of websites and brands for companies around the world. Focusing on business objectives and customers, we get set up quickly and started customizing a unique strategy that matches a client’s vision with a digital design approach that lands new opportunities.



App Development

FuseChange was founded by product design and development strategists with 40 years in collectively in digital technologies. During this time we have worked in health technology, financial technology, digital retail, sustainability, and social enterprise sectors.  We focus on gathering business requirements from our client and their staff, by diving deeply into business objectives.



Cloud & Data Solutions

Cloud based technologies can create innovative and comprehensive solutions for local communities and businesses alike. We create cloud and data solutions that extend your reach by connecting contact relationship managements and fundraising efforts with powerful tools that drive motivate new partnerships.