Calling all

Join us to collaborate and ignite Action Summits to disrupt homelessness in your communities.

As an Organizer you see a vision for change. You know what seems impossible is actually possible. FuseChange is looking for people like you that want to organize a movement that will End Homelessness and Poverty. We are connecting Organizers around the world to ignite innovative change that can be accomplished with people like you.


Imagine thousands of communities and cities around the world creating Action Summits on the same weekend in late October. People and organizations converging to End Homelessness.
We're calling for Organizers like you to build Action Summits in their cities.


Organizers include individuals and organizations who want to be actively involved with all of the other participants, enjoy meeting and connecting people, and want to coordinate an Action Summit in their city.

  • Individuals
  • Groups of Individuals
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Universities
  • Institutions

The first step however are volunteers who act as catalysts to create change. We need an array of individuals or organizations that want to come together to create your community's first

The FuseChange Platform will help you connect with co-organizers in your area and volunteers that want to help create local Action Summits.


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    Learn design thinking and how to tackle an epidemic problem in your community

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    Meet amazing people in your local community and around the world who share a similar vision and believe change is possible when we collaborate

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    Its going to be fun! You will be collaborating with a range of organizers in your city and globally

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    More importantly, you will a driving force to help a lot of people in your local community

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    Enjoy a feeling of accomplishment as you look at the challenges holistically and collaborate on innovative change

It's Your Community's Action Summit

FuseChange will connect you to the resources needed to produce an Action Summit that will align with your community's needs. The program design, methods and focus areas will all be customized based on your organizers and your community.


#1 - SIGN UP

Your very first step is to sign up on This does not mean you are committed to organizing. It's a way to say I believe we can make change together.


Once signed up, your next step is to review our Getting Started Guide to understand how you want to get involved.