Change the System

Our Impact

We are full-service Creative Agency at the intersection of design, technology and social change that is uniquely founded as a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization.

We make an impact by investing our time and resources into collaborative open source solutions. We are making technology for anyone to discover, connect, and collaborate on the world’s most challenging problems.

Together, we can create a more equitable world.


Open Source Solutions

Creating social change requires solutions that leverage the collaborative expertise of builders in our local communities and global networks. We connect people to new innovative ideas and build our own.

Action Summits

Promoting 2-4 day collaboration experiences across the country, we bring people together for design and systems thinking events to create open source solutions that will impact our local communities. We share these solutions with the world to collaborate with others on similar ideas.

Platform for Good

An opensource platform dedicated to linking people and projects together to solve common social issues.


Your tax deductible donations go to:


  • Opensource Solutions for Social Change
  • Action Summits for communities to generate open source solutions.
  • The Platform for Social Good, a system to connect shared purpose

It’s a collaborative
movement led by You.