Technology Costs

As we ramp up to be decentralized, we will have server and technology costs. We need help to pay for these and ensure we can handle traffic from around the globe.


We need a dedicated small team to coordinate this endeavor. It’s important to have a few people to keep the ball rolling smoothly. Ideally, we need 4x staff members that will be paid $4,000 a month.

  1. Full-Stack Developer
  2. Digital Marketer
  3. Program Coordinator
  4. UI/UX – Designer

Hire Us!

If you do not want to donate, no problem!  Hire for a variety of revenue generating services that support our team and the programs

  1. Interactive Design & Prototyping
  2. Website Development and Branding
  3. Web and Mobile Solutions
  4. Social Enterprise Consulting
  5. Strategic Communications and Marketing


0x420685a728631Ee783219265C3d19BC67B3F1C30 will be overly transparent with our exact budget, business revenue, salaries, expenses and volunteer time. As we ramp with more staff and volunteer capacity we will have a full budget and update our expenses on a weekly basis for everyone to access. We want to be down to the penny!

Budget - 2019 Revenue, Salaries and Expenses