Action Summits
For Homelessness

Igniting events that generate actionable solutions for social change

What Is An Action Summit?

An Action Summit is the hybrid of a hackathon, unconference, pitchfest and design thinking. This event will take place over the course of 1-3 days, and brings together an inclusive and diverse range of people to ‘hack’ out solutions on homelessness and poverty. Action summits involve collaborative brainstorming sessions where groups turn disruptive ideas into open source solutions. The goal is to take those solutions and design them into viable projects that solve root challenges in our communities.

Why Homelessness

Homelessness is a large and complex issue that needs nonprofits, government, business and community group collaboration. Bringing a variety of representatives of these groups together will help us create a fuller picture of the homelessness issue in our communities. Action summits also provide the opportunity to collectively work on this challenging issue together as community.

Localized Solutions

Organizers bring together their local community, stakeholders and groups that want to reduce the local homelessness challenges. Each community should determine what they want to locally focus on and how they will go about designing their program to meet their community needs.

Design Thinking & Hosting at it’s Best

Every Action Summit will be unique and communities will use different methodologies around the world. We will provide examples and samples, however the organizer can use a variety of methods that meet their local needs. Potential methodologies may include the Art of Hosting or design thinking, which uses dialogue, facilitation and co-creation to address complex challenges.

It’s Open Source

Objectively, these events should produce solutions that can be used by anyone for the benefit of society. All the solutions will be available on an open source platform enabling free access around the world.

It’s Free

This is a free event and it promotes collaboration across sectors and entities so that everyone can be included. We ask that organizer work to find approaches to ensure their events can be accessed for free by all types of people.

What do Participants Do?

  • Gather the stakeholders of the local Homelessness Ecosystem

  • Prepare for the event with existing research, informal interviews with community members, knowledge, projects, ideas and recommendations addressing homelessness and poverty

  • Define the core community challenges at the event Network to better connect the stakeholders and participants

  • Brainstorm to identify collaborative opportunities and exchange new ideas

  • Design thinking to prototype solutions for existing and new projects.

  • Develop recommendations and policies that can be lobbied for

  • Develop implementation plans to further develop and test solutions in the marketplace